Czech Republic

We did not cross any international borders today but we moved from Česky Krumlov to Prague within the Czech Republic. Two nights here will bring us to the end of our sightseeing destinations. Beyond that we have a couple of nights at convenient waypoints toward Paris and home.

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Stift Melk

We visited Stift Melk briefly with Joel in 2008 as we drove from Salzburg to Vienna where I was going to a conference. It was a chance encounter when we saw signs and an interesting building and late enough in the day that we did not have time for more than a quick look. I planned our driving on this trip to allow time for a proper look.

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We spent today in three countries. We left Poland, passed through Slovakia, and ended in Hungary. I confess that when I was planning this trip I knew very little about Slovakia. The only city name I recognised was Bratislava and it was in the west of the country, near Vienna. We wanted to go to Budapest which is further east so I planned a direct route south through Slovakia with no overnight there.

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