Tasmania 2016, Day 15

The Salamanca Markets in Hobart were on Majella’s radar from the time that she began planning this trip. They operate only on Saturday so we needed to have a large part of a Saturday available for that activity. Because Hobart was the obvious point for arrival and departure and we were planning a circuit round Tasmania the markets would need to be at the beginning or end of our trip. We arrived at 6:00 pm on our first day so the markets had to be scheduled at the end of the trip. There was the additional advantage that any purchases would not need to be carried around Tasmania for 2 weeks.

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Tasmania 2016, Day 14

Our plan for today was deceptively simple. We were to drive to Port Arthur to visit the historical site. We finished with a few interesting side excursions.

Our drive to Port Arthur was expected to take a bit more than an hour after allowing for coffee along the way. We had agreed to leave around 9:00 am and drove out just before that time. It was my turn to drive as we headed east and south through Sorrell and Dunalley. We recalled the latter name because of the terrible fires that had razed much of it in January 2013. The road wound about a little but was mostly smooth going.

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Tasmania 2016, Day 13

St Helens to Richmond, where we will stay for our last 3 nights, is only 225 km by the direct route but we were planning a scenic drive down the east coast. That would increase the distance and require time for sightseeing. The final section yesterday from Scottsdale to St Helens had involved some tight twists and turns over the mountains and some needed extra sleep for recovery after that and yesterday’s early start . We set departure time for 8:30 am. Most were up and moving early in any case so we easily made our scheduled departure time.

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Tasmania 2016, Day 12

Today was golf day for our three golfers, Jim, Russell, and Warwick. Barnbougle Dunes is reputedly the best links style golf course in Australia. It is near the small town of Bridport on Bass Strait, a bit more than an hour of driving from Launceston. Our itinerary had been planned to allow 5 hours or so within which time it would be possible to play an 18 hole round. The rest of us would be able to enjoy some of the other local offerings while waiting for the golfers. Continue reading “Tasmania 2016, Day 12”

Tasmania 2016, Day 11

Majella’s plan for today was to explore the Tamar Valley north from Launceston. It changed slightly yesterday when, after eating lunch at the Wursthaus, she crossed the mall and found Gourlay’s Confectionery Shop. In the course of conversation with the man there she discovered that the factory was in the Penny Royal Hotel and, with the help of some pressing by Maria, secured an invitation to see them working at 9:00 am. That had to happen before we could go anywhere.

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