Day 36+ – DC to Dulles to Dallas to home

This entry is being written well after some of the events because there was not a lot of opportunity on the day itself. Our main business for Sunday was to get ourselves to Dulles airport, return the rental car, and catch our fight to Dallas and thence to Brisbane and home.

The flight was scheduled for 3:40 pm so I had 1:00 pm as the planned time to drop the rental car. We had no need to hurry out of bed for that, the weather was predicted to be cool and wet, and we did not expect to find the flight to Brisbane conducive to sleep so we lingered in bed thinking to build up sleep credit. We were up shortly after 7:30 am, showered, walked across the street to CVS (billed as a pharmacy but convenience store as well) to procure cereal (in ready to eat bowls) and yoghurt, picked up coffee in the hotel lobby, and ate breakfast in our room. Continue reading “Day 36+ – DC to Dulles to Dallas to home”

Day 34 – Washington DC

Today was the second day of the NTLS meeting so I was moving shortly after 7:00 am, showered, went down to get coffee for both of us, ate cereal in the room and headed off just before 8:30 am.

The morning started with a short general session and then separated into the same working groups as yesterday. We worked through the morning in the EDUsummIT group, making good progress, before returning to the large group to report. Lunch was eaten with the editors group discussing how we would approach the panel session in the afternoon. The panel went well, starting with short introductions about each of the journals and moving into an interesting discussion about the ramifications of accepting video content as illustrative additions to traditional articles or as full narratives. The association presidents followed that panel session and then the meeting wound up before 3:00 pm. Continue reading “Day 34 – Washington DC”