Fewer than 50 days and counting

I posted here in February when we had 140 days to run to departure (91 working days for me) and were getting started on preparations. I’ve been meaning to post an update for ages and thought that last weekend as we approached the 50 day countdown would be appropriate. That didn’t happen for various reasons and we are now at 45 days to departure and I have fewer than 30 working days remaining. Barring any surprises I’ll teach my last class next Wednesday and be into my last lot of marking by the end of next week. It’s all becoming very real.

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Long trip requires long preparation

After 25 years at USQ I’m retiring at the end of this year. As it happens I will have sufficient accumulated leave, mostly long service leave with a few weeks of recreation leave, to cover the second half of the year. My effective finishing date is 4 July. At this moment as I’m drafting this, that’s 91 working days away.

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Wellington, NZ, for ascilite 2012

Majella and I recently travelled to Wellington in New Zealand where I attended ascilite 2012 and Majella indulged in a little more tourism. We left home early on the morning of Saturday, November 24 (early enough to catch an 8:45 am flight out of Brisbane) and returned on Thursday, November 29 (on an even earlier 7:00 am flight from Wellington). Our itinerary for the outward … Continue reading Wellington, NZ, for ascilite 2012