About this site

Majella and I have enjoyed our travels over the years. We’ve taken many photographs and shared those with family and friends in various ways.

While we were living in the USA during 2001-2002 Majella wrote a series of email newsletters to family and friends and we put those with photographs on the web. They have moved around a bit but those who might be interested can read Majella’s letters from the USA.

In 2006, 2008 and 2009 we travelled in Europe with Emily, Joel and Sam. For each of those trips we created a blog. Those blogs used MobileMe and have now disappeared from that site. I’ve managed to rescue most of that content (other than some slideshows that depended on MobileMe galleries) and mount it elsewhere. Read about our travels with Emily, Joel, and Sam.

Some of our photographs from various trips have been posted Flickr or Facebook.

This site is an attempt to pull some of that together and, as a first effort, to document our 2012 trip to the USA.


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