Now we are on the homeward trail. Prague to Paris could be possible in a single 11 to 12 hour day of hard driving but on this trip I tried to limit driving to 4 hours per day wherever possible. That came down to roughly 4 hours today, 4 tomorrow, and a short final push on Monday. Hotel-Gasthof zum Hirschen in Dürrwangen came up in my search on booking.com but I really was not sure what we would find here other than a bed for the night.

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One reason we are travelling independently rather than on a group tour is that we are not good conventional tourists and prefer to do our own thing. We arrived in Prague early enough yesterday to be able to visit several of the well known locations and had decided that we did not want to visit the castle or churches. Our public transport passes would allow us to get around so the hop-on, hop-off tour was not needed. Majella had thought about a river cruise and there were some things we had passed yesterday that we thought we might visit.

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