Hanging out around Trébry

The last few days had been busy so today was declared as a rest and recuperation day. Majella and I slept well until we were awakened by the Fitbit alarm on my wrist at 7:00 am. We tumbled out of bed, showered, and went down to wait for John and Pauline before eating breakfast. Continue reading “Hanging out around Trébry”

Majella’s musings

It’s about a week and a half since we left home, so I thought it was about time I jotted down some of my reflections on the adventure so far. Our time in Paris was wonderful. I had set a hectic timetable of activities to maximise the use of our three day Paris Passes and despite my developing a sore throat early in the visit, we were able to achieve all the goals I had set for us. The only thing we couldn’t do was visit the Paris sewers. That was really disappointing because Nick had suggested that to us and while I had originally thought it would be a horrible thing to do, I had come to realise that it would indeed be a tour of great interest. I remember seeing on the news recently that there had been some flooding there but I did not realise that it would impact on our visit. Sadly they would not be open until the day after our departure from Paris. Continue reading “Majella’s musings”