After our long day yesterday this was to be less strenuous. We woke at 7:00 am and were up and breakfasted by 8:00 am without firm plans for the day. There had been discussion yesterday of a visit to Josselin, about an hour away, where John had visions of pictures of the château reflected in the river. Majella had checked her Lonely Planet guide and found plenty to interest her there too. Over breakfast we decided that would suit us for today.
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We woke this morning to find the power still out. My Fitbit alarm had gone at 6:00 am in anticipation of an early start for a long day out but, seeing no sign of light on our charger station, I rolled over for another 30 minutes. When I was out and dressed I went down to begin boiling water for coffee on the gas stove while Majella showered in the dark bathroom. We were all down and eating breakfast before 7:00 am, wondering how extensive the power outage might be.
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Trébry trails

Believe it not, there are enough things to entertain us in the vicinity of Trébry that our plans for today did not involve driving any significant distance away. Nor did they require an early start so we took advantage of the opportunity to sleep a little later and relax after breakfast for a while. Our plans were dependent on weather, which the forecast suggested would begin with clouds and clear later with little chance of rain.

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