Tasmania 2016, Day 4

This was the gourmet tour of Bruny Island with a spot of healthy exercise tossed in for those who felt the urge. I managed to enjoy a wide variety of tasty treats and 18000 steps.

Majella’s plan was to get to Kettering in time for the 9:00 am ferry to Bruny Island. For that we needed to leave Hobart before 8:00 am so the assembly time was set for 7:45 am. We were off on time and benefited from the lack of traffic going in our direction as the early morning rush rolled into Hobart after the long weekend. We made it to Kettering before the 8:30 am ferry but it was overbooked and the queue was already building for the 9:00 am departure. We joined that line and then took advantage of the coffee shop on the wharf, which had a view over the marina full of boats. There was barely time to filter through the queue to get our coffees before the ferry arrived and we were back in the car to drive onto the top deck. Continue reading “Tasmania 2016, Day 4”